Parallel distributed computing for data.table

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Documentation for package ‘’ version 0.3.4

Help Pages Convert to Convert to Convert to Convert to Convert to Extracting data from nodes to local R session
bdt.assign assign object
bdt.eval evaluate on nodes
bdt.eval.log evaluate on nodes
bdt.partition Controls partitioning
big.dt Core of data.table from nodes Test if object is
is.rscl Check if list stores Rserve connections
rbindlapply Row bind lapply results
rscl.assign 'RS.assign' for list of Rserve connections
rscl.close Disconnect from Rserve instances
rscl.collect Collect results from Rserve connection list
rscl.connect Connect to Rserve instances
rscl.eval Eval on list of Rserve instances 'ls' on every node 'ls.str' on every node
rscl.require Require packages in list of Rserve instances
[ Subset from
[[ Extract from