OLAP cube data type

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Documentation for package ‘data.cube’ version 0.4.0

Help Pages

data.cube-package OLAP cube data type
apply.data.cube Apply function over data.cube
as.array.data.table Convert data.table to array
as.cube Cast to OLAP cube
as.data.cube Build cube
as.data.cube.array Build cube
as.data.cube.cube Build cube
as.data.cube.data.table Build cube
as.data.cube.default Build cube
as.data.cube.fact Build cube
as.data.cube.list Build cube
as.data.cube.matrix Build cube
as.data.table.array Convert array to data.table
as.dimension Build dimension
as.dimension.data.table Build dimension
as.dimension.default Build dimension
as.fact Build fact
as.fact.big.data.table Build fact
as.fact.data.table Build fact
as.fact.default Build fact
as.fact.list Build fact
as.hierarchy Create hierarchy
as.hierarchy.default Create hierarchy
as.hierarchy.list Create hierarchy
as.level Create level
as.level.data.table Create level
as.level.default Create level
as.measure Define measure
capply Apply function on measures while aggregate on cube dimensions
cube OLAP cube class
currency.format Function to format numeric as currency
data.cube data.cube class
dimension Dimension class
fact Fact class
hierarchy Hierarchy class
is.cube Test if cube class
is.data.cube Test if data.cube class
is.dimension Test if dimension class
is.fact Test if fact class
is.hierarchy Test if hierarchy class
is.level Test if level class
is.measure Test if measure class
level Level class
measure Measure class
populate_star Populate star schema tables
process.dim Process dimension
rollup Rollup generic method
[.cube Subset cube
[.data.cube Subset data.cube
[[.cube Extract cube